Singapore’s real 2013 National Day Message

Diminutive Han Hui Hui has just made a monkey out of our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong with her 2013 National Day speech at the Hong Lim Park on 9th August.

Hui Hui’s speech should be Singapore’s National Day Message.

If the Straits Times are to claim that it is our national mouthpiece and that it delivers fair, unbiased and even reports then it must put Hui Hui’s speech on their front-page broadsheet tomorrow and verbatim. After all is this not the stuff that Yacoob Ibrahim wants Singaporeans to hear and read?

Little Hui Hui took on a Goliath – Allen & Gledhill representing the Council for Private Education (CPE), a statutory body under the Ministry of Education (MOE). Her lawyer, Singaporeans’ only (and best) Human Rights lawyer Mr M Ravi has done it again. Mr Ravi is arguing that the freedom of speech and expression, enshrined in article 14 of the Singapore Constitution, protects citizens from any defamation proceedings by the government and public bodies. The right to sue for defamation is reserved only for individuals and private entities, and not public bodies.

The CPE had threatened Hui Hui with defamation proceedings following two emails they received from her, which they regard as defamatory.

Hui Hui we salute you.

As I replay the video of her speech, I cannot help but think our Prime Minister is totally deaf to Singaporeans’ cries for help. Here I am talking about one of our most fundamental and basic constitutional rights – the right to free speech. Only last week we heard how Leslie Chew had to apologise.

Never mind about the Prime Minister’s goals “for all Singaporeans to enjoy the fruits of growth”. If we can’t even tell the Prime Minister that his fruits are rotten and not be sued, then we do not want his fruits.

Richard Lu